Plate Heat Exchanger Process

Check-in & identify plates

1 Check-in & identify plates

All plates are given a unique reference number which identifies the plates through the cleaning process. This ensures that the plates you receive are the same ones which were collected from you at the start.

Plates undergo a checking-in process which determines what plates are in the pack. This information is logged for future reference. All gaskets are then removed carefully from the plates.

Plate cleaning & preparation

2 Plate cleaning & preperation

Plates undergo a chemical cleaning programme. They are immersed in an alkali and then acid bath. Plates are rinsed off using a high pressure washer.

Plates are thoroughly dried and then sprayed individually with a fluorescent dye penetrant.

Plate testing & inspection

3 Plate testing & inspection

All plates are then tested using ultraviolet light to detect pinholes and fine cracks.

A visual inspection is then carried out for wear and pitting, and all channels are checked for deformation.

Gasket & plate assembly

4 Gasket & plate assembly

New gaskets are clipped or bonded to the plates. Different glue types are used as required.

All plates are clamped to ensure correct alignment and are then cured in an oven if necessary.

Finishing the process

5 Finishing the process

Plates are rechecked to ensure full adhesion and gaskets are correctly aligned.

After final inspection, all plates are boxed ready for despatch. Where required, we can provide installation.

Plates need servicing?

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